School For Life

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Housing Volunteers on Mission Trips
Provide housing for mission trip volunteers as they become the Hands and Feet of Christ – extending Hope and Help to those in Need.

Mission Work in the Community – Adult/Youth Mission Trips
Adults, Families, and Students from Junior High to College age work in the Summer Home Repair Program sharing their lives through service, prayer, and time spent with families and children (Repair roofs, porches, steps, floors, walls, etc.; Minister to the elderly; Visit homes; Worship and fellowship; Teach children’s Bible School; Build wheelchair ramps; Paint homes inside and out; Work on the mission; Perform hands-on service or just be touched by Gods’ love and the community of His people). We encourage mission groups to bring school supplies and Christmas items as we distribute school supplies and furnish Christmas for many needy families each year.

Small Business Development
Encourage Entrepreneurship; Serve as an Incubator for Small Business Startups; and Develop Self-sufficiency.


  1. Mentor youth and encourage their education. We check their report cards, etc
  2. Provide vocational training such as screen printing, furniture making, welding and auto repairs.
  3. Administer programs aimed at student retention such as: “Cars for Diplomas”, “Prom Dress Program”, and Scholarships.
  4. Provide driving lessons.
  5. Restore old church to be used as our “Children’s Church”.
  6. Bible Study Discipleship Program for youth.
  7. Mentoring Program for young girls.
  8. Teach VBS
  9. Teach healthy habits and activities.
  10. Teach overcoming.
  11. Bible Study Program
  12. Counseling for youth

Bible Teachings
Bible Studies; Encourage Church Attendance; Church Services; Individual Bible Counseling.

Operate Thrift Store
Provide community with clothing, furniture, appliances, and other household items at very little cost while instilling pride.

  • Individuals and businesses donate goods, equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Churches come to do mission work.
  • People give donations and come to do what they can.

This is what makes it happen at School For Life.