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 School For Life, Inc.
PO Box 7
Gary, WV 24836
(304) 448-2309 


School For Life is a mission founded by Jack and  to serve the needy – changing hopelessness to optimism. The mission is housed in the Old Gary School located in Gary, West Virginia of McDowell County.

Our mission is to challenge the Appalachian people at all social and economic levels to be active, creative, contributing members of their communities and to take to task the development of solutions to poverty, promote self-help, dignity, and self-worth and encourage redemptive relationships and the teachings of a new creation believed key in changing ideas, minds, and hearts.

Additionally, School For Life has a vision to ease poverty conditions of the many, being the HANDS and FEET of Christ and extending HOPE and HELP to those through the love of Jesus and the generosity of the Churches that care about the less fortunate.

Please join us in our mission as we repair homes, minister to the soul, visit, fellowship, teach, and be touched by God’s love and the community of His people as we serve together.

Mission work enriches both the missionaries and the people they serve. Poverty, however, hurts everyone. “Every day we need to reach out and touch someone. People love the human touch of a hand, a warm hug, a smile, or just a friendly pat on the back. People may forget what we say, they may forget what we do, but people will never forget how we make them feel . . . “

Please prayerfully consider helping in the following ways:

  1. Most important support our people with your prayers.
  2. Help underwrite the expense of mentoring, teaching as well as all our other worthwhile programs.
  3. Help fund ongoing expenses and facilities maintenance at our 66,000 square feet mission building in Gary, West Virginia.
  4. Help replace trucks and vans needed for mission work.
  5. Help educationally with specific life skills training classes or job skills training.
  6. Donate useable appliances, household items, good clean clothing, shoes, coats, furniture, bedding, dishes, glassware, silverware, and any other miscellaneous household items (anything used in or around a house), equipment, supplies, bicycles, vehicles, etc.
  7. Donate your time and talents.
  8. Donate home repair materials, supplies, and tools.
  9. Donate used cars, trucks and vans for our work.
  10. Send us a donation every month or when you can.
  11. Become a full- or part-time Volunteer.
  12. Sponsor a program.
  13. Tell your friends, family, and religious base about us.
  14. GO . . . or if you cannot GO, CO with those who GO – (Two-thirds of the word GOD is GO!)

Notice to Contributors: School For Life, Inc. has a 501(c) 3 classification from the Internal Revenue Service and your donations are tax deductible, as allowed by law. Your gift will be used in the collective mission effort, or we will honor your stated preference of School For Life, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Thank you for your love, prayers,
and generosity.


Jack Fultz

Send E-mail
(304) 448-2309